The Joy of Effort »

by Venerable Thanissaro Bhikkhu   WHEN EXPLAINING meditation, the Buddha often drew analogies with the skills of artists, carpenters, musicians, archers, and cooks. Finding the right level of effort, he said, is … »

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Working with Disturbing Emotions »

by Venerable Sangye Khadro   We all know we have both positive and negative emotions. As soon as we hear the words love, kindness, generosity we know they are the … »

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Old Relationships, New Possibilities »

by Dzigar Kongtrul   WE ALL HAVE SOME rough relationships in our lives that seem held together by the stickiness of attachment and expectation. It is true that we have love and … »

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Calm Abiding »

Travel the river of the mind to the vast ocean by Ogyen Trinley Dorje, The 17th Karmapa There are many methods for creating a mind that is one-pointed and joyful, the … »

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Working with Desire: Three Approaches »

by Matthieu Ricard   In Tibetan Buddhism, there are three traditional approaches to disturbing emotions, including afflictive desire. The first method is to develop an antidote. In the case of desire, one … »

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