2012 May Edition

2012 May Edition [This e-Magazine is accessible by subscribers only]

Table of Contents
Page 4/ Lead Article: Health & Well-Being of Body & Mind by HE The 12th Kenting Tai Situpa
Page 10/ Teaching: What Love Is by Venerable Ayya Khema
Page 14/ Teaching: Do Buddhists Go to Heaven by Venerable Bhikkhu Kusala
Page 18/ Face to Face:Why Life is Worth Living! by Geshe Lhakdor
Page 24/ Feature: Worry Beads by Clark Strand
Page 28/ News: Bringing management lessons to Buddha by Michiyo Nakamoto
Page 31/ News: International Buddhist Film Festival returns to London by Sarah Cooper
Page 32/ Teaching: Contentment in the Practice by Venerable Ajahn Thannisaro
Page 35/ Teaching: The Precepts for Young People by Sandy Eastoak
Page 38/ Face to Face: Learning Dharma from Authentic Teachers by Venerable Geshe Tenzin Zopa
Page 44/ Feature: The Modern Monks of China by Tang Yue
Page 48/ Feature: Tracing the footsteps of the Buddha by Mun Yee
Page 52/ Teaching: Chinese Mahayana Buddhism by Dr Peter Della Santina
Page 54/ Teaching: Is wealth compatible with religious living? by Ven. Dr. M. Vajiragnana Nayaka Thera
Page 60/ Books In Brief
Page 63/ Dharma Aftermath Coming home by Rasika Quek