2012 January Edition »

2012 January Edition [This e-Magazine is accessible by subscribers only]

Table of Contents
Page 4/ Lead Article: Lighten Up! by James Baraz
Page 7/ Teaching: Learning Dharma from Authentic Teachers by Geshe Tenzin Zopa
Page 11/ Teaching: Helping the most down-trodden beings in the community by Chan Kah Yein
Page 16/ Feature: From Victim to Liberator: The Power of Compassion by Pamela Bloom
Page 18/ News: A Buddhist Perspective of ‘2012’by Shen Shi’an
Page 19/ News: Return of Buddha by Shobhan Saxena
Page 21/ News: Faith Alone Is Insufficient – Be a 21st Century Buddhist: His Holiness Dalai Lama by YC. Dhardhwa
Page 22/ Feature: The Parinibbana of Venerable Acariya Maha Boowa Ñanasampanno by L.S. Kuan
Page 28/ Feature: Prayer and Remembrance: Being Mindful in the Presence of the Buddha by Raymond Lam
Page 30/ Teaching: Right View – the Place of Coolness by Ajahn Chah
Page 36/ Teaching: Dana & Caga by Ven Kumara Bhikkhu
Page 40/ Feature: DAGPO SHEDRUP LING
Page 44/ Teaching: Chan & Daily Life by Master Sheng Yen
Page 50/ Teaching: Sitting Quietly, Doing Something by Daniel Goleman
Page 53/ Books In Brief
Page 57/ Buddhist Stories: Four on a Log (Gratitude)
Page 62/ Book Review: Untying Injustice by Gary Gach
Page 64/ Dharma Aftermath The Common Enemy by Rasika Quek »

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