The Fertile Soil of Sangha »

TWO THOUSAND five hundred years ago, Shakyamuni Buddha proclaimed that the next Buddha will be
named Maitreya, the “Buddha of Love.” I think Maitreya Buddha may be a community and not just an individual. A good community is needed to help us resist the unwholesome ways of our time. Mindful living protects us and helps us go in the direction of peace. With the support of friends in the practice, peace has a chance. »

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Mindful Eating, Healthy Eating »

How relevant is Mindfulness in the modern world?
What does Buddhism says about mindful eating?
How do we apply it in the contemporary world where over-eating is an issue?

Mindfulness as a concept and practice occupies a significant place in the overall scheme of Buddhist meditative training. It is practiced and emphasized in all Buddhist schools/traditions (Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana) and is considered a key aspect of the path to realization and liberation. »

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Advice from the Dalai Lama on Overcoming Negative Emotions »

In practicing the Buddha’s teachings, we must develop infinite altruism towards all sentient beings, in particular to human beings. The opposite is attachment. With attachment, it immediately brings us into a “we” and “they” situation. We will always take care of our “we” or “me” but we usually don’t care about the others. »

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Being Truly Happy »

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FORUM: Are Buddhists Passive? »

Is this not true then to say that Buddhists are just passive and allows others to easily take advantage of them? How should Buddhists respond? Eastern Horizon has invited three teachers from each Buddhist tradition to provide their response to the question. »

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