Small boat, Great Mountain »

Ajahn Amaro Bhikkhu. Small boat, Great Mountain. Amaravati, Hertfordshire. UK.2012.
pp194. (Limited copies of this book are available from Bandar Utama Buddhist Society, »

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Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World »

HH the Dalai Lama, Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World, Harper Collins Publishers,
India. 2012. pp187. »

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Integrating Compassion & Emptiness »

Ven Barry Kerzin was in Malaysia to conduct a retreat and workshop on “Meaningful Living and Dying” at the Bodhi Utama Vihara in Petaling Jaya on August 16-17, 2012. He was subsequently interviewed by Benny Liow of Eastern Horizon on August 17 afternoon at Wat Chetawan Buddhist Temple, Petaling Jaya. »

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The Gift of Gratitude »

Ajahn Sumedho recounts the joyful unfolding of a deep appreciation for his teacher and parents. »

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