Eastern Horizon – May 2013 Edition »

Table of Content and Guide to the latest Edition! »

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Buddhism and Volunteerism »

In today’s society it has become popular to serve as a volunteer. Volunteers vow to serve others with
virtue and love. Not all volunteers are the same, however. Most volunteers work out of their own free
will, but some do so with a certain agenda in mind. »

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The Purpose of Practicing Lam-Rim »

The lamrim is an instruction on how to acquire all the “stages” or spiritual qualities of the path up to and including the complete enlightenment of a buddha. It begins with the generation of faith in the spiritual master and guides you step by step to realise bodhicitta, the spontaneous aspiration to enlightenment. »

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The Snobbish Monk »

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Can a Buddhist Be a Wealthy Man? »

Recently a Buddhist working for the BBC asked me if there would be any worldly progress if everybody were to focus on getting rid of attachment (hatred and illusion). This indicates his own perception that a path to overcome attachment and an effort to achieve worldly progress such as accumulating wealth are, indeed, poles apart. This perception must have persisted in the Buddhist community for quite a while so that usually Buddhists are not familiar with the “economic virtues of saving.” »

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