The Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia (TBCM) »

The Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia (TBCM) was recently formed to represent the interests of Buddhist societies following the Theravada tradition. While the Tibetan Buddhists have the Vajrayana Buddhist Council of Malaysia (VBCM) and the Chinese Mahayana the Malaysian Buddhist Association (MBA) to represent their interests, the establishment of TBCM is a milestone in the history of Malaysian Buddhism for the Theravada Buddhist groups in Malaysia. »

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Integrating Compassion & Emptiness »

Ven Barry Kerzin was in Malaysia to conduct a retreat and workshop on “Meaningful Living and Dying” at the Bodhi Utama Vihara in Petaling Jaya on August 16-17, 2012. He was subsequently interviewed by Benny Liow of Eastern Horizon on August 17 afternoon at Wat Chetawan Buddhist Temple, Petaling Jaya. »

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Wisdom at Work »

An interview with Venerable Sayadaw U Tejaniya

U Tejaniya’s delightfully illustrated book, Don’t Look Down on the Defilements, They Will Laugh at You, aptly characterizes his teaching style—accessible and true to the traditional teachings of the Buddha. The following is an interview that appeared in Tricycle, a US Buddhist magazine. »

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How to Teach Dharma Skillfully to Children & Teens »

by Venerable Geshe Thubten Sherab

The Buddha used Jataka stories to explain concepts like kamma and rebirth to emphasize the importance of moral values. These Buddhist fables teach young people the importance of kindness, generosity, co-operation, and mutual understanding that are uniquely human values that we should all cultivate. »

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