Sowing the Seeds of Freedom »

by Ajahn Lee Dhammadharo   Phra Ajahn Lee Dhammadharo, (1907-1961) was one of the foremost teachers in the Thai forest ascetic tradition of meditation founded at the turn of the century by … »

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Buddhism and Volunteerism »

In today’s society it has become popular to serve as a volunteer. Volunteers vow to serve others with
virtue and love. Not all volunteers are the same, however. Most volunteers work out of their own free
will, but some do so with a certain agenda in mind. »

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The Snobbish Monk »

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Can a Buddhist Be a Wealthy Man? »

Recently a Buddhist working for the BBC asked me if there would be any worldly progress if everybody were to focus on getting rid of attachment (hatred and illusion). This indicates his own perception that a path to overcome attachment and an effort to achieve worldly progress such as accumulating wealth are, indeed, poles apart. This perception must have persisted in the Buddhist community for quite a while so that usually Buddhists are not familiar with the “economic virtues of saving.” »

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Will the Real Chief Please Stand Up? »

Many a time have I had to explain to the laity – Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike – that bhikkhus are not priests, and that Malaysia doesn’t have a national Saṅgha organisation comprising all the bhikkhus from the three main cultural traditions, viz. Burmese, Sri Lankan and Thai. Although there is an officially registered “The Malaysian Siamese Saṅgha Association” for bhikkhus (mostly of Thai descent) ordained in the Thai tradition, there are no equivalents for bhikkhus ordained in the Burmese and Sri Lankan traditions. »

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