In Pictures: YBAM 21st Biennial National Convention

Photos Summary of YBAM 21st Biennial National Convention

YBAM newly elected President, Bro.Goh Qing Song

Immediate Past President of YBAM, Dr. Ong See Yew









Dr. Pornchai Pinyapong, President of WFBY (Left) and Bro.Goh Qing Song, President of YBAM

Past Presidents and current President of YBAM, from left,Bro.Poh Joo Song, Bro.Leong Kok Hing, Ven.Khai Sear, Bro.Chong Hung Wang, Bro.Liau Kok Meng, Dr.Ong See Yew and Bro.Goh Qing Song










Bro.Lim Teck Hee, Organising Chairman hand-over the YBAM Flag to Bro.Choy Seong Keong, Chairman of YBAM Perak State Liaison Committee, and also the host of Biennial National Convention in 2014.

Group photo of all delegates and observer










Opening ceremony of YBAM 21st Biennial National Convention.

Delegates from member organisations